Society mainly focuses on

Organizing Exhibitions of very interesting paintings of popular artists from across India and promoting the exhibited paintings. We also coordinate the meetings of the visitors with the artists so that they can get a painting of their own theme or idea in order to present to their loved ones or decorate their home or office. They have the choice of various media – oil, water, acrylic, poster etc

Sculpture & Handicraft Exhibitions & Sales

The Exhibitions of Sculptures and crafts are another popular event we conduct regularly for the benefits of the mass. Besides the visitors get huge opportunity to purchase loved art works or of the visitor’s own loved theme or idea directly from the sculptor/craftsmen and yet again get a choice of mainly two media Clay or Wood. The customer has the freedom of choice of media, too.

Activities are to produce short films, Documentary animated video production etc to highlight the moral values of life’s and to give informative tips and lessons. This creations are in animated form to understand the public even kids easily and playfully.


This society is instrumental in giving correct and timely advice to the students about the educational and career opportunities, so they can able to choose the right path without having any confusion or whatever. That by helping them to lead a tension free life.


The society also taking important care about food habits. As we know that now a day’s most of the diseases are by malnutrition’s and bad habits of eating junk foods. For which we are in the market to provide highly nutritious products with affordable prices and to educate them about bad effects of the fast foods which may be tasty but it can harm the entire biological system in the long run. Public should avoid such junk foods at any cost and go for the nutritious and hygienic food. Thus they can lead healthy and medicinal free life.


The societies main motive is to help the helpless, needy, old aged and taking care of the sick who are unattended. We will take maximum care of these people by providing them consultation and nursing assistance. This is our main objective in forming this society.


This is one another step from our side to help the needy by giving a helping hand to the art loving performers who have spent their entire life for entertaining people, and now living in a pitiable state. This is our concern and we are taking stock of their records and we will try to help them by all possible means this is also our main agenda behind this society’s formation.