A few people consisting of young artists join together and formed a group called renaissance in 2006 at Pune, Later its activities spread over many areas and formed a society in the name of Renaissance Art Tech Society under society act

This society is in the field of education, charity, animation, video production, career counseling and etc.


The society is formed keeping in mind that the services of this should be reached to the needy and eligible general public with utmost care and in time. Also educated them to lead their life in clean environment and teach them about the quality of life what they deserve.

Aims and objectives

  • To work for the upliftment of scheduled caste and scheduled Tribe People.
  • To work for the health protection of all
  • To work for the welfare of the senior citizens and physically disabled
  • To work for a cleaner India -swatch Bharat Principle.
  • To work for making availability of drinking water.
  • To provide pre career counseling and motivation work for school children
  • To help people and motivate them towards aqua culture and bio farming
  • To develop art and culture in the rural areas
  • To encourage sports in the rural areas
  • To help old age people, widows/ divorcees and other who are helpless
  • To conduct short film festival shows in rural area which can enrich lives.
  • To conduct skill development programs and the society will on sure employment, self employment to at least 250 in a year.
  • To educate people in the field of animation films & make animation cartoon films, Documentaries And Short films for public awareness ,etc
  • To encourage new writers and writings in Malayalam and English ,also publishing books & distributing informative CD/DVDs
  • To promote self help group in Tribal Areas.
  • To promote the Adivasi Medicines and popularize them
  • To help educating orphan children

Area of Operation

The Said Society will be operated with in Kasargod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikodde, Malappuram Districts of Kerala. It can also operate in all parts of Kerala, as per the need and circumstances.

Date of Establishment

Rennaissance Creative Team Established - 1/5/2006. The Society was established on 11.10.2016. Rennaissance Art Tech Socity Date of Establishment- Registration- 11 January 2017. (Eleventh January Two Thousand Seventeen)
Reg no : KNR/CA/15/2017


  • Any person irrespective of caste, creed and color, rich and poor, literate and illiterate, male and female, desirous of betterment of the society will be legible for membership, subject to the acceptance of the enrollment form by the executive body.
  • any person above 18 years may become the member of the society
  • Each member of the society fill up the enrollment form along with admission fee Rs 50 (only once) and annual fee Rs. 100/- for life membership 500 (Five hundred rupees only) has to be deposited. The Executive body has the right to reject any applicant without explaining any reasons there of and their decision will be find

Fund and Cash

Without prejudice to the above mentioned rules funds may be subscriptions, Donations, Membership fees, Grant from Government. Local self Governments, Central Social Welfare Board, Public donations and others. The cash of the society and its institution shall be deposited in a nationalized bank or in any other reliable bank financial institution as will be decided by the Executive body under will be jointly operated by the president and the treasurer.
The accounts of the society shall be examined at least once a year and the correctness of the balance sheet certified.